Ash was born in Vigo, the most thrilling city of Galicia, Spain, in 1986. As a kid, he was fascinated by the figure of Dalí, who deeply influenced his production and conception of Art. Immersed in both the seaside and downtown lifestyles, Ash got into the local graffiti scene, putting on the bases of his surrealist and creepy iconography.

As an artist, Ash works in several fields such as illustration, painting, performance, sound and video, producing stunning pieces like the "guitar paintings", a performance in which he paints by using overloaded guitars sounds through amplifiers that create art on different mediums, or Die Fritzels, a band born as a lifelong Art project.

Anyway, he's not a musician but an Art teacher, and he loves to paint dinosaurs, monsters and sharks while he listens to Iron Maiden.


Ash Santos. BBVA. Vigo, 2014
Denim Demon. Portal48. Pontevedra, 2013
Eyes to the Wall. COAG. Vigo, 2012


Ocean Stoke II. The Artery at The Lab. Costa Mesa, California, 2014
Croa 12+1. Itinerante, Vigo y Ferrol, 2013 
GB5. EMAO. Vigo, 2012
Artlanticism. Westpeak. Vigo, 2011
TFG. Facultade de Belas Artes. Pontevedra, 2010


Live Painting. Casa das Campás. Pontevedra, 2014
Festival Sinsal X. MARCO. Vigo, 2012


Vigo Cidade de Cor. Vigo, 2015
Océanos. BBVA Vigo, 2014
Sinsal San Simón. Isla de San Simón, 2013
Noite Branca. Pontevedra, 2012
O Marisquiño X. Vigo, 2010